Upgrade Your Texarkana, Texas Home’s Electrical System

Upgrade Your Texarkana, Texas Home’s Electrical System

Hire an experienced electrician to modernize your electrical units

Older homes and buildings are often not equipped to meet the demands of modern appliances. JEL Electric will bring your classic home’s electrical system into the 21st century. We’ll upgrade and rewire the main service panel of your home or commercial space. Your electrical capacity will be increased to safely handle the everyday demands of your modern lifestyle!

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We’ll safely rewire your older home in Texarkana, TX

Rewiring and upgrading older homes is a delicate process that requires a specific skill set. JEL Electric has extensive experience rewiring these types of homes, and can safely upgrade your electrical systems. Our fully licensed and insured electricians will:

  • Upgrade the main panel to at least 100 amps
  • Space electrical outlets appropriately to eliminate fire hazards
  • Install three-pronged outlets to avoid electrical shocks
  • Install dedicated circuits in your service panel for each major appliance

We’ll carefully complete all of this and more to bring your home’s electrical systems up to modern day standards. Contact JEL Electric to begin your electrical upgrade!